Bacterial Vaginosis Testing Kit

What is bacterial Vaginosis:

Bacterial Vaginosis (abbreviated as BV) is a bacterial infection of the vagina. It is caused by the imbalance of the “good” bacteria. The overgrowth of certain anaerobic bacteria disrupts the natural flora and hence causing a natural inflammatory response. There is a profound switch in vaginal microbiota to a diverse and large amount of anaerobic bacteria from a protective Lactobacillus dominant state. The overgrowth of bacteria is also associated with an unchecked increase of pH of the otherwise healthy vagina. Read more here

Bacterial Vaginosis Testing Kit:

Bacterial vaginosis is a serious condition and that’s why it needs to be diagnosed and treated early. Any infection if not treated at early stages can become chronic which becomes than difficult to treat. So, it’s always advisable that proper medication and treatment should be done before the symptoms become severe that can result in long term medications.
For that purpose many commercially available kits are present that can help you diagnose that what infection are you carrying and either you are infected by a bacterial infection or fungal.

How to diagnose Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) using Kit:

There are kits available that can be used to diagnose the bacterial vaginosis. These kits do so by the color change due to change in PH of vagina. Thus you can easily differentiate which either it is a bacterial or yeast infection or a parasitic infestation.

What’s included in the Kit:

The kit contains a Swab. This swab is specifically made in such a way that its color changes when come in contact with a PH that is abnormal to the standard vaginal PH.
The Kit also contains color codes, these are used to match the color of your swab to the color of respective infection described by the company. This scale is meticulously colored to match and thus correlate with the appropriate treatment.

Steps to Use BV kit:

These are the steps that can be used to test your infection or infestation.


Unwrap the swab and make sure the tip of swab doesn’t come in contact with any other object or even your own skin.


Hold the swab by its handle and insert the tip into your vagina. After insertion rotate it complete 360 degree inside vagina. This step is done to check the PH of your vaginal mucous.


Remove the swab from the vagina after rotating it inside. Now wait for 10 seconds and observe if the color of the swab changes.
The change in colors are related to specific infections. If there is no change in color that is also mentioned on the scale provided with the kit. So, all you have to do is to compare your color with the standard and thus, you can detect the type of infection and either it is BV or not.

Kits Available:

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Let’s take the example of Canestest which is such a commercially available kit in the market. If the color doesn’t change after 10 seconds and you feel certain other symptoms as explained by the company such as an itchy or sore vagina, or thick, white discharge, then these are most probably due to the Fungal Infection.
Here is a complete description and also the color codes and their effects.

Bacteria vaginosis test kits


Always consult your doctor before making any conclusions.

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